Custom Website Packages



Tips for Choosing the Right Style for Your Website

Sometimes it can be challenging to look at a completely built out website an imagine your business in there. We’ve created this guide as a helpful primer for you to review before considering the 4 styles that we currently offer in our Blissfully Simple Website Package. If after reviewing it and looking through the 4 styles, you still have questions or are unsure, just contact us and we’ll set up a time to chat. Between your answers to our Simplified Website Design Questionnaire and our conversation, we’ll find the right style for you!

The 4 website styles we offer can be explored as 4 completely built out websites. The content within them is just there to help you visualize what a functioning business would look like in each style. Think of it like a freshly built house on the market that is fully furnished, complete with decor. This allows potential buyers to get a better sense of the space and possibilities of the house – much more easily than if the house were completely empty. This is the function of the content in each style. You’ll still have to use your imagination to see your own business and content within the style, but the existing content gives you an idea of what’s possible. Each of the 4 styles can be used for any type of business, with the right changes to the colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, features and content.


We recommend going through each style, asking yourself these questions, and making note of your answers:

  • Do I like this style? If so, what do I like about it? If not, what do I dislike?
  • What are my favorite features of this style? 
  • Does it have features that I do not need?
  • Are there features missing that I do need? If so, what features? Do any of the other styles have these features?
  • Could I see my business in this style? If so, would I have to change or add anything to make it work? What would I add or change?


Other things to keep in mind when viewing the different styles:

colorsCOLORS: Every color that you see throughout each website style can be changed. Every. Single. One. Love the layout but hate the colors? No problem.


fontsFONTS: Header fonts and body fonts can be changed to suit your liking. You’ll be able to choose from over 600 different fonts. Don’t worry, we’ll help you narrow it down.


You can certainly keep and use any images you see in these styles, but all of them can be changed to YOUR images. If you don’t have the images you need and want some resources for great stock imagery that you can purchase, just let us know and we’ll send you our favorites. If you’d like us to source stock images that fit your needs, we’re happy to take care of that for you, for an additional fee.


backgroundsBACKGROUNDS: Backgrounds add color, texture, and emphasis to areas of your site. You can keep and use what you like, we’ll change out what you don’t. We’ve got some great resources for backgrounds if you need them.


sectionsSECTIONS & FEATURES: See a section or feature in the style you like that you do not want or need? No problem – we’ll remove it. Is there a feature that you need that you do not see in the style you like? We can add that in! If there are any costs associated with the additions you want, we’ll let you know upfront so you can decide.


pagesPAGES: The pages included in these styles are just a few examples of pages that might exist on a website. The pages of YOUR website will be created according to your business needs, and will contain your content. Don’t see a specific type of page represented in these styles? No worries – we’ll create the pages you need!


customizationCUSTOMIZATION: If you need customization beyond what’s included, this will add to the price of your package. If it’s just a few things, this package may still be the best option for you. If the customizations start to get significantly more expensive, it may be in your best interest to go with our fully custom design package, Blissed Out. We’re happy to help you determine the best fit for your website!


Here are the 4 styles – to explore them, just click on the images: