Website Maintenance Plans



Why do I need a website maintenance plan?

Your Website is One of Your Most Valuable Assets

You start with a fabulous and functional new website. A new website by BlissVille Design is designed and created to function just as it should…perfectly. When we hand over your beautiful new site, life is blissful and everything is working just the way we want (at least for now). We’d all like to keep it that way.

Something so valuable must be protected. Your website is your star employee. It is crucial to the success of your business. If we built your site for you, then we’ve invested a lot of time and creative energy into it, just as you have, and we want it to be protected as much as you do!

Everyone is at risk. WordPress has become an incredibly popular web development platform, so, you guessed it – WordPress based websites have become popular with hackers. Basically, they just want to break sh*t. It’s nothing personal. From large, corporate websites to small mom & pop online shops – everyone is at risk. WordPress is continuously releasing updates to improve functionality and security, as are plugin developers. WordPress is an open source platform accessible to anyone, so whenever security risks are discovered, this information goes public. This means that any older versions of WordPress or plugins that exist on your site backend make your site vulnerable to attack.

Getting hacked isn’t the only thing you need be concerned about. A major misconception about having a website built for your business is that it is a one time thing. Once it’s launched, you’re all done and you can move on to other things while your website happily does its job – yeah…no. You’re website is a vehicle – for sales, communication, marketing, etc. – and like any vehicle, it needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. If you don’t handle the small maintenance items regularly, something bigger is bound to break, which can cost you a lotta moolah to repair and get back up and running.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth…” You Know the Rest

Ain’t nobody got time for that! You’re a busy entrepreneur, wearing many hats as it is. You figured out that building your own website would have been a supreme waste of your time and talents, so of course you don’t want to deal with this maintenance crap! But you’re smart, and you know you’ve got to make sure it’s handled, because if your website goes down, or Google black lists you due to spam, malware or other malicious code, your business is in deep doo doo. Let us handle it for you through one of our website maintenance plans so you can sleep blissfully at night. Well, you might be up all night planning world domination, but at least worries about your website security won’t be what’s keepin’ you awake!

Our Website Maintenance Plans

Essential Bliss



  • Weekly WordPress, theme and plugin updates
  • Fixes for any minor theme/plugin conflicts resulting from updates
  • Continuous malware scanning and protection to ensure safety
  • Monitoring & blocking of brute force attacks
  • Daily full site backups stored on our secure, off-site storage vault
  • Broken link checking – monitor & update broken links
  • Use of our premium licenses for backup & security plugins
  • Initial setup of Website security – included at no additional charge

Special Offer for Essential Bliss clients – get a discounted rate of $65/hour for any website updates you may need, such as updating text or photos on pages/posts, adding testimonials, adding store products, etc.

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I need Essential Bliss!

Total Bliss



Includes everything in the Essential Bliss Package plus 2 hours** of updates at an even deeper discount of $55/hour. Your 2 hours can be used for things like:

  • Adding and/or styling page or post content
  • Adding products to your site or editing existing ones
  • Help with Mailchimp
  • Creating graphics for social media or blog posts
  • Something else you may need

**Any additional hours needed for requested updates beyond 2 hours will be charged at the Essential Bliss discounted hourly rate of $65/hour.

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I want Total Bliss!


Receive a discount when you sign up for one of our plans and pay upfront for a series of months:
3 months ~ 5% discount
6 months ~ 10% discount
12 months ~ 15% discount

Feeling the pinch with all those start up costs?

Need a low-cost solution right now?

Bliss Lite

Website Security Implementation:
One time $200 fee + plugin license purchase*


Got a tight monthly budget and just want the security basics for now? Know your way around WordPress and want to handle your own updates? Let us get you all set up. Here’s what’s included:

  • Installation & configuration of Wordfence security plugin to protect your site against hackers & malware
  • Installation & configuration of Backup Buddy* backup and recovery plugin (includes 1GB of secure storage for backups)
  • Monthly automated backups, sent to your secure storage
  • Security audit to determine and correct any other vulnerabilities
  • Basic security checklist to help you maintain your website

*You will need to purchase your own license for Backup Buddy, which is $80/year.

This plan does not include any ongoing service from us. You will be in charge of your own WordPress version, theme and plugin updates as well as the monitoring of your site security. All security alert emails from Wordfence will go to you. Our basic checklist will tell you what you should be checking each month, but we do not provide any training, and you will need to perform all updates yourself (or have someone else do it for you). If your site is hacked or infected with malware, you should budget a MINIMUM of $300 for recovery. If you need our assistance at any time for site updates, problems that occur after you update WordPress, your theme or your plugins, or need help with a hacked website, we will provide you with an estimate based on your needs and we will bill you at our regular rate of $75/hour.

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Bliss Lite is for me!



Can you guarantee that my site will never get hacked?
Nothing exists (yet) that can prevent a site hack 100%. But with a website maintenance plan in place, you’re incredibly well protected. And if anything goes wrong, we’ll be here to support you.
Is there anything NOT included in your packages?
Recovery of hacked websites is not included in our plans. We recommend that in addition to the security measures we put in place, that you always use strong passwords on all of your accounts – WordPress, hosting and ftp. Does this mean you’re out in the cold if your site gets hacked? Nope. We’re here to help. We’ll take a look at the situation and give you an estimate of how long it will take to fix and how much it will cost. You will receive the hourly rate discount included in your plan for any recovery work completed by us. There may be fees required by your hosting company or a site recovery service to get your site back on track as well.
Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?
Absolutely. You can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time, and you can certainly cancel your maintenance plan with us whenever you like. Monthly fees are processed on the 1st of each month. Changes to or cancelation of your plan will occur on the 1st of the month following your request. We do not offer refunds on downgraded or canceled monthly maintenance plans – your service will extend through the end of the current month. Just contact us if you need to make changes to or cancel your plan.


Your website is your livelihood. You can’t afford NOT to protect it.

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