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Blissed Out Premium Website Package


Blissed Out

Premium Website Package

Tired of trying to figure out how to play the website game, or are you over having a website that’s just meh? This is our super sweet, all-inclusive, premium website package that will take your business to the next level. Easy-peasy. You can check this one off your list.

Planning Consult & Welcome Package

1 hour planning call to connect and get clear on your vision + all the info you need to get started on your project.

Domain, Hosting & Email Setup

We’ve got you covered here. Setup of up to 5 email address accounts included.

Custom Design Just for YOU!

Colors, fonts, layout, graphic elements – all beautifully combined to represent your unique brand. Includes your license for X Theme (the framework we build upon – a $65 value).

Custom Page Layouts

Homepage, registration page, sales page, etc. – different types of pages on your site serve different functions and need customized layouts so they stand out! Get up to 3 unique page layouts with this package.

Pages & Posts

Up to 10 pages of content, 3 blog posts and 3 portfolio items created for you.

Social Media Integration

Links to your social media accounts, and social media sharing buttons throughout your site.

Responsive Design

We’ll make sure that your site looks great and functions properly on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Crucial Plugins

WordPress plugins are apps that give your site amazing functionality. We’ll setup the crucial plugins needed for security, analytics, content management, SEO & contact forms.

Email Opt-in & Contact Form Setup

Building your email list is essential to your business. We make it easy with an opt-in form that suits you and your business – in-line, pop-up, fly-in, below post – whatever your heart desires.

You need a way for clients to email you without ending up on a zillion spam lists – we’ll set up a proper contact form to handle this for you.

Automatic Backups

Something so valuable must be protected. Your website is your star employee. It is crucial to the success of your business. We’ll make sure it’s safe with regular automatic backups to a secure server, and website security (see next).

Website Security

1 month of Essential Bliss Website Maintenance & Security, including security setup. ($275 value)

1 Month of Email Support

We’re here to support you as you learn the ropes of running your new website.

WordPress Training

Video training for the basics of WordPress and Skype training on how to easily manage your new website.


Because you want your social media and email communications to look as professional and fabulous as your awesome new website, we’re including:

Custom Social Headers

For Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Custom Email/Newsletter Header

Build brand recognition with these custom designed graphics!

{ALL THIS FOR $4,799}

Need More?

Need additional functionality? More bells & whistles?
Elements can be added to your package to create your perfect website.

Things like:

check Online Shop, Event Registration, Membership, Appointment Scheduling: $499 ea.
Includes set-up, customization and creation of up to 10 products/events/membership levels/appointment times plus training on how to use your special feature.

check Mailchimp Set-up & Design: $249
Includes Mailchimp account set-up, styling of the general sign up & confirmation forms, basic email/newsletter template creation featuring your logo and brand colors.

check Questionnaires, surveys or other custom forms: price varies

check Paypal Button: $49+
Includes set-up of button and custom styling to match your website.

check Any other features you may need…

Contact us to go over the details and we’ll create a custom package quote for you.

This is going to be AWESOME.

How this works:

getting-startedPack your bags for a vacation in BlissVille: Your bliss-o-meter is going ding ding ding! You’re totally thrilled to hand this most important task off to professionals who care about your success and support you in following your passion. You jump over to our Contact page and complete our form or send us an email.

We’ll send over our Website Planning Questionnaire, full of helpful information to help you get clear on your goals and vision for your website. We review your answers and we get clear on your goals and vision. We’ll then follow up with you to set up a call to discuss any additional details or special needs, and to get us all on the same page.

proposal-2Proposal: Based on your questionnaire answers and our conversation, we’ll create and send off a proposal to you outlining your project, complete with a timeline, pricing and contract. We’ll also provide you with our earliest start date. You’ll review the proposal and send us any changes you have. You’ll select a start date based on your availability and readiness to provide your content.

We’ll update the proposal with your start date. We’ll both sign the contract. Then you’ll be invoiced for the 50% deposit, and once that’s paid, we’ll begin! Woo hoo!

preparePreparation: Next up you’ll receive our Welcome Packet, which contains all the info you need to get started on your part of the project – providing more details, gathering images, writing content, etc. We’ll introduce you to our project management tool that we can both use to communicate and share assets.

We’ll both starting pinning inspiring things to the private Pinterest board that we create for you – things like fonts, colors, images, etc. We can comment on each others pins and dial in your style.

We’ll start handling some of the backend things like setting up hosting, WordPress and X Theme. We’ll also begin percolating on ideas for your website – plotting and scheming, researching, planning total market domination, etc.

design-codeDesign & Code: This is where the magic happens! We’ll start designing and coding your website based on all of the info and assets (images, content, etc.) that we’ve received from you. This is the part we LOVE the most! We’ll be blissing out hard on the creation of your amazing new online home.

Your website will start to magically take shape, and we’ll be keeping you involved – sending you pieces along the way to provide feedback on, approve, etc. This is an exciting time!

celebrateCelebrate: BOOM! Your fab new website goes live, angels sing, the clouds part, and the sun shines down upon us! You’re super stoked on your new site, you share it all over your social media, and so do we! We love promoting our clients amazing new websites and businesses! Uh, yeah…we get just as excited about this as you do – what geeks!

We’ll send you everything you need to manage your new website, and we’ll get your Skype training sessions scheduled. We’ll be available for any questions or support as you learn the process over your first month. 

We’re a great fit for your website project if…


  • You’re ready to look like the professional that you are, and feel confident about your online presence.

  • You’re ready to uplevel your business and seriously achieve your dreams.

  • You’re up to big things and don’t want to waste your valuable time on the technical stuff.

  • You want to work with a team that is passionate about your success.

  • You like FUN!


How long does a Blissed Out website build take?
Typically between 4-8 weeks. This depends on how prepared you are, your timeliness in sending assets (images, content, login info, etc.), your availability for feedback and updates, any additional features you request, etc. Our process will make it easy for you to get started and for both of us to stay organized and on task. As soon as you complete our Hire Us form, we’ll provide you with our next available start date.
What will you use to build my site?
We work exclusively with WordPress and X Theme.

WordPress: WordPress is the number one open-source CMS (content management system) in the world and has thousands of developers constantly improving it and contributing plugins to extend its functionality. One of the best things about WordPress, besides its flexibility, is that it makes updating your own content very easy. Need to change an image, some text, or create a whole new page? That’s easy to do without waiting around for or having to pay someone else to do it. We’ll always be here if you need us, but its empowering to know that you can handle small changes yourself if you’d like to.

X Theme: X Theme is more than just a WordPress theme – it’s a powerful framework that allows for endless customization. It’s a structure that allows us to build your site however we want. The X Theme is feature rich, and is built with clean, responsive and SEO-friendly code. While we will be writing custom code for your site, this framework saves us time by providing superior “nuts & bolts” code for us to build upon, allowing us to offer incredibly affordable pricing for completely custom websites. Quotes about X Theme to consider: “X Theme is the best premium multipurpose WordPress theme on the market,” and “X Theme has been the fastest-selling theme EVER.” Your license for the X Theme is included in your package – a $65 value!

Are there any additional costs for running my website?
Think of your website as a vehicle for your success. Like any vehicle, your website will require some upkeep. Here are the main expenses you’ll incur:

Web Hosting: Your website lives on a server (a specialized computer) run by your web hosting provider. Web hosting service costs around $10 per month ($120 per year) for basic service that’s perfect for most businesses. Some businesses need specialized hosting, which we can discuss when going over your website needs. We recommend DreamHost – they’re who we host with, and their features and customer service are spectacular! They’re certified carbon neutral, were voted Best Website Hosting Service 2 years in a row by, and host over 1.5 million websites.

Domain Name: A domain name is your website’s address, and costs around $10-15 per year. When you sign up for hosting with Dreamhost, you get to register one domain name for free, which includes free Domain Privacy Protection (protects you from spammers, trolls, & other bad peeps). Domain name registration must be renewed each year to maintain ownership of your domain name. 

Website Maintenance & Security: 30 days of website maintenance and security monitoring is included in your website package. After that 30 days, you will have the option of continuing your maintenance with us. Something so valuable must be protected. Your website is your star employee and it is crucial to the success of your business. We’ve invested a lot of time and creative energy into it, just as you have, and we want it to be protected as much as you do! Your WordPress installation, framework and plugins are all updated regularly by developers, and must be kept up to date on your website backend to protect it from hackers and keep it running smoothly. Because we know how important maintenance and security is to the wellbeing of your website and your business, we’ve created our Website Maintenance Plans, with options for getting the support you need at a price that works for you.

What if I need addition functionality or features not mentioned above?
Simply tell us about your needs and wants when you complete our Hire Us form and we’ll provide you with a customized quote.
Will my website work well on mobile devices?
We build websites with responsive design. This means that while your site will look slightly different on phones and tablets, it will still look great and function properly.

Still not sure?

Would you like a quick comparison of our two website packages?


I want to look like the professional I am and get my website working hard for me!